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Destructive fun, the two words I’d use to describe VRobot, by

What attracted me to VRobot is the fact my 5 year old son loves playing King Kaiju, probably because it requires destruction on a massive scale. VRobot looked like an advanced version with better graphics and different ways to destroy things. I wasn’t wrong, the boy loves it!

The Boy playing VRobot

When you enter the game (and in VR you really do enter the game!) you see a small table in front of you with different towns (levels) to choose from.  The first excellent feature was the ability to set it to small person mode, which is great for games that the kids can play.

The different maps have different goals, ranging from causing as much destruction as possible using just your hands in a certain time limit, to causing as much description as you can with your hands while creating tornadoes while a robot tries to put the town back together (unsuccessfully)! In this type of game, it does become a little repetitive, but that doesn’t seem to stop my boy from playing it until he’s too sweaty to carry on!

The game looks and sounds great with a beautiful art style. When there is a lot going on it does stutter a little on my nVidia 980 when there is masses of explosions and debris shooting through the sky, but generally it’s pretty smooth. A small annoyance are the voices of the little robots that inhabit the town. Their one liners get repetitive a little quickly, but that’s a minor niggle. Generally the graphics and sounds are very good throughout.

Another great thing about VRobot is the developers. They genuinely seem keen to interact with the community through the early access period and use feedback to make their game better. Not many developers actively encourage the players to vote on what features they’d like to see in the game, and this is really appreciated.


VRobot is a polished game which is great fun in short bursts. It can be a little repetitive but that’s just a limitation of the game genre, but while you’re playing you will have a blast. And if you have kids, they will love every second you let them play it! With a great developer behind it who is listening to what the players want, VRobot has a great future ahead of it.


Title: VRobot
Cost: £10.99 

Please note I was very kindly given a review copy by the generous developer. However this has not affected my review in any way.