The way I review games is changing…

Due to my jobs taking up too much time, future reviews will be a bit shorter

So it has become apparent to me that with a full time job, a young family and a side job it doesn’t leave me much time to write in depth reviews if I want to actually enjoy playing the Vive, which obviously I do.

So from now on I will write mini-reviews and focus on letting you know if, in my opinion, the games and apps are worth your precious time. I will let you know what I feel is important about each game but future reviews will be more of a summary than a full in depth review.

Sorry about that, but as I’ve mentioned because this isn’t a way for me to make money (see, no ads!) I can’t afford to spend a lot of time writing, this site is about sharing my personal experiences to try and help others make informed decisions before spending their hard earned money.

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