Steam Sale & Update on

Firstly I wanted to apologise for no new content for a while, I’ve been out of the country on holiday so obviously I’ve been Viveless!

Now, Steam Sales!

It goes without saying this is the time of year when our bank accounts get dangerously low after spending a metric shit-tonne of cash on Steam games. This year is slightly different though because I’m now spending my hard earned money on VR and ignoring the ‘normal’ games.

Titles worth mentioning are House of the Dying Sun. This one looks great fun despite being a seated game. Very, very tempted to pick this one up. Still fighting the urge at the moment as I’ve got a few in my library to review. Pretty sure I’m going to drop some money on HoloBall though with 35% off as that’s been on my wishlist for a while now.

Pool Nation VR is certainly worth a buy with 15% off, and if you also have a steering wheel, or even if you don’t, Project CARS is a no brainer with 50% off.

My most played VR game, Audioshield, currently has 25% off making it a must buy if you’ve not already got it in your library.

I have a copy of HordeZ to review, but being a complete wuss I’ve not played enough of it yet to be able to give my full opinion, but with 25% off if you like zombie shooting games, I can already tell this is one of the best.

Cloudlands : VR Minigolf has 50% off, if you liked the demo now’s the time to grab this one.

And I’m tempted buy ZenBlade with 30% off, but with funds lacking not sure I can personally push that buy button just yet!

There are plenty of offers at the moment, if you’re looking for more VR games then now is the time to stock up your library!


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