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Soundboxing by Maxint LLC is a rhythm game where you have to punch the ‘beat’ of the music. The beats come in two coloured orbs, yellow and red, and you have to punch them with the correct coloured hand to score maximum points. Sounds simple, and it is, but the beauty of it comes from the ideas within the game.

The beats are set to Youtube videos and are created by other players. You can also create your own ‘beats’ over any Youtube video for others to challenge. To create them, you just punch in time with the music. Simple, but it does really work!

The sheer amount of tracks to punch along to will keep this game fresh as more content is being added all the time by the community. Admittedly some are better than others, but with the ability to favourite tracks, you can keep coming back to your preferred videos to work your way up the leader boards!

Describing the concept of this game is tricky, and no words, screenshots or videos will ever do it justice, but here is the trailer which will give you some idea as to what it is all about:

There are obviously going to be some comparisons to Audioshield as they are both rhythm punching VR titles, but both offer slightly different types of play. Soundboxing seemed slightly faster, whereas Audioshield felt a little more forgiving, but that all depends on the difficultly level and tracks. Personally, I feel Audioshield is a little bit better due to the fact that it automatically generates the beats from ANY track you throw at it, whereas Soundboxing relies on user generated content. Which should you buy? Easy, both.


Soundboxing is one of those VR games you’ll come back to again and again. You can play it for hours or just have a quick 5 minute blast, it’s instant fun that never gets old due to the amount of different tracks available. And for less than the cost of a Big Mac meal, it really is a must buy.


Title: Soundboxing
Cost: £3.63 (steam sale, normal price £5.59)


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