Sorry, I’ve been away but I’ll be back soon!

I've been away busy Jobbing and other excuses

So as you may notice Vive Blog hasn’t been updated for a while now. I have many excuses, here, I’ll list them:

  • I’m a dad, kids take up lots of time
  • I have a job, that also takes up a lot of time
  • I’m also a Husband, yep, takes time

Then there are more exciting excuses:

  • The room where I used the Vive was also a dining room, so I’ve been building my own dedicated ‘Man Cave’ where the garage used to be!
  • I’ve moved the website to a new server and gone all HTTPS on you!

So now it’s time I started up with the blogging again. This has nothing to do with the recent release of the Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, honest!

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