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Shooty Fruity

Shooty Fruity by nDreams is a frantic wave shooter with a great sense of humour and an interesting twist. The twist being you’re working in a supermarket checkout while being attacked by waves of aggressive fruit!

The basic premise is that you are working on a till in a supermarket, scanning items and moving them into the packaging area. Each time you scan an item you get points that goes towards supplying you with weapons, so it’s in your best interest to actually do your job well. This is an interesting distraction mechanic that makes the game really frantic as you’re concentrating on different tasks, scanning items, grabbing weapons and shooting fruit square in the face!

The game plays really well with the guns feeling satisfying to shoot. The graphics look great with bright vibrant colours and great animation. Watching the fruit explode after a well placed shot and juice going everywhere is oddly satisfying.

The sounds is also very pleasing with the narration being comical with a great drawling American accent …. well, it’s funny to start with until it gets a little too repetitive over time.

As you progress through the game you unlock more weapons that you’re able to earn throughout the levels if you do your job well enough. There is a decent variety of weapons that can be tested in the locker room with a fun little shooting mini game like those in the fairgrounds.

Shooty Fruity is a polished, fun and frantic game that is great to play and will have you coming back to try and get to the next level or to unlock that weapon you saw in the vending machine. This is a unique, funny, top class wave shooter that I can highly recommend.


A wave shooter with a comical twist that is fun and challenging.

Title: Shooty Fruity
Cost: £15.99

Please note I was very kindly given a review copy by the generous developer via my Curator channel on Steam. However this has not affected my review in any way.