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Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

Fun. Serious Fun. That’s the best way to describe Serious Sam VR. It is a game that doesn’t claim to be anything other than an over-the-top shooter and it’s one of the most enjoyable wave shooters currently available for VR.

The game is split into different worlds with distinctive environments for each. The game is still in early access but new content and worlds are being added as the developers push towards a final releases.

There is a generous amount of content, currently with 5 planets and plenty of levels in each. With tons of guns and loads of different enemies this isn’t a game that you’ll get bored of quickly. The weapons range from swords and pistols to miniguns and rocket launchers and there are various ways to play through the levels.

The weapons feel good to use and with no reloading to slow down the action this really is a mindless shooter that is pure arcade fun.

It has the usual wave shooter framework, you stand in a single location as the enemies swarm towards you. Everything comes from the front, nothing will sneak up behind you which is a nice change from most stationary wave shooters where you’re twisting and turning trying to cover 360 degrees.

The bosses battles are great, with over the top characters hurling massive bits of environment at you. VR is amazing at giving a sense of size within a game, and these bosses are huge!

The game runs smooth and is really well polished with decent menus and UI throughout. There is co-op play too, which unfortunately I’ve not played yet, but I can imagine this would be a great laugh to play through with friends.


There is no doubt this is a brilliant wave shooter, however the question is, is it worth £29.99? If you’re a fan of wave shooters and the Serious Same series, then yes, yes it is. If you’re just looking for a decent wave shooter there are cheaper ones in the Steam Store, however few are as polished or have as much content as this.


Title: Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope
Cost: £29.99

Please note I was very kindly given a review copy by the generous developer. However this has not affected my review in any way.


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