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Rolling Line

Rolling Line by Gaugepunk is a beautifully detailed model railway simulator that lets you create the perfect settings for your tiny locomotions!

As you would expect from a model railway simulator, you can design and create your environment by placing the tracks to guide your trains around the available space and then choose from a huge selection of scenery from trees to houses, factories to boats. There is a huge selection of customisable models that can be placed where you choose!

This all takes place in a large room, on a huge table which is divided into four different sections that has different ‘environments’, which is how each area is themed by default (the deserty area has a sand coloured table for example). Each of these areas can be completely edited, deleted and built from scratch if you so wish, depending on how good your imagination is!

Another excellent feature is that you can save your creations as a simple text file and share them with other players. This will be a really great way to admire other peoples work, learn from their designs and show off what you’ve made!

All areas are linked across the room, so you can have your train running all the way round the room. The controls are also straight forward. You pick up the controller, which you can handily add to your belt, point at the train to select it, then it’s simply forwards and backwards at whatever speed you choose.

The graphics are crisp and despite it being slightly cartoony, there is a huge amount of detail on the models and trains. You can lean in and get close to admire the love that the developers have put into this game. The sound is also really well done and fits with the style. It really is a thing of beauty!

So as a model train simulator, it’s excellent. However there is more to this title that takes this game to another level! Point your cursor to the table, press the button on the controller and you can actually put yourself into the world! This allows you to freely move around your creations and actually drive the trains yourself!

This is a really great feature that has been implemented really well. When you go into your world the sense of scale is perfect. You then climb aboard your train, sound the horn, set your speed and off you go!

This is almost the perfect model railway simulator! There are a few small issues. Firstly the trains sometimes detach themselves for no apparent reason when you’re not looking, and they can sometimes clip into and through each other. These are really minor gripes that should in no way stop you from buying this masterpiece if you’re into your models or trains.

It would also have been nice to see some sort of objectives in the game to give you something to aim for if, like me, you have a limited imagination!

Overall however, this is a beautiful, relaxing and fun game that you should certainly pick up.


Rolling Line is pretty much a perfect game if you’re into models or trains. 

Title: Rolling Line
Cost: £10.99

Please note I was very kindly given a review copy by the generous developer. However this has not affected my review in any way.