Revive – playing Oculus games on the HTC Vive

There is this bit of free software call ‘Revive’ which when installed, performs some magic voodoo to allow you to play Oculus Rift games on your HTC Vive. I assumed it would be a bit fiddly, would take ages to set up and get working and in the end I’d probably break something. How wrong I was…



I’d heard about it before, seen a few posts on reddit but never really looked into it. However last night I decided to give it a try and I found it was actually very simple, to get the basics working anyway.

All I needed to do was download and install the Oculus software (here), then download the latest version of Revive (on GitHub, here.) and install that too. This will then add a new tab within SteamVR called ‘Revive’. Now for me, clicking this new tab didn’t work, however the apps and games I’d downloaded via the Oculus software (you need to create an Oculus account, don’t need to enter any payment details to download the free software) just appeared in my Steam VR Library!

I’ve only tried Lucky’s Tale and Discovery VR (both free on the Oculus store), but both worked flawlessly (after a reboot!).


There are more advanced options if you’re into that kind of thing, I read something about an ‘injector’ which allows you do to a bit more, but to just try the freebies from the Oculus store, it’s far easier than expected!

Huge thanks to reddit user CrossVR who develops this software.

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