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Ping Pong Waves VR

Table Tennis seems to be the sport of choice for VR at the moment and there are quite a few games based on it in the store. It makes sense as it’s perfect for the Vive as it requires a smallish play space, a few steps each side, and relies on motions with your hand that the controllers can replicate amazingly well.

Ping Pong Waves VR isn’t the first table tennis game I’ve played, but it’s currently the best! The graphics are superb and makes you feel as though you’re in the room with the table in front of you. The sounds is great as you hear every bounce of the ball on the table. And most importantly, it feels like real table tennis!

You fire up Ping Pong Waves VR and you’re in a room with a table tennis table in front of you. The room isn’t snazzy, futuristic or special, it’s a standard room with your usual junk laying around which adds to the realism. If I’m playing table tennis it’s never in a stadium, it’s in a room like this!

Playing the game, like most VR games, feels natural and once you’ve got used to the feel of it, you pick it up quickly. I play a bit of table tennis and after a bit of practice I was able to beat the hardest difficultly level, although mainly through his mistakes, not decent shots by myself. It felt that if I could just return the ball he would eventually hit the net. This could be seen as a negative, that he always returns shots and the only way to score is errors made by the AI. This may just be because my shots weren’t good enough, but I still felt it was challenging just trying to return all of the AI’s shots.

It’s interesting that the skill of the player really shows. I had some friends over who played this, those that didn’t play table tennis struggled to beat the AI, whereas those who did have real experience done far better which goes to show how natural playing the game is.


Other than playing the AI there is the wave option, where balls are fired at you and you have to return them. It’s a good way to practice but playing against an opponent is the best way to play.

The developers have recently an early beta for online multiplayer which I’ve not yet tried, but if they can nail that then this will certainly be the best table tennis game on the store, and for just £3.99 it’s a no brainer, you have to buy this game. Just make sure you drink plenty of water, because you will work up a sweat playing Ping Pong Waves VR!

Title: Ping Pong Waves VR
Cost: £3.99

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