Mighty Monster Mayhem

Mighty Monster Mayhem by Rank17 is a game where you are the monster, wreaking havoc and destruction upon a city full of sky scrapers and weirdly dressed citizens.

The game is obviously aimed at fun over realism which you can tell from the cartoon style, blocky graphics, which seem to fit the style of the game well. After a short tutorial which will teach you the basics of destruction, climbing, eating people and more destruction, you’re thrown into a city with the primary aim of demolishing buildings, along with a few secondary aims (like eating people, obviously).

As you progress you get to play as different monsters, ranging from the weird to the really weird.

The game takes inspiration from King Kaiju (which I’m still yet to review, but in short it’s very good and my 5 year old loves it!) and it shows with similar style and concept … although how many variations of smashing cities are there?

There are a few small bugs, for example finding myself inside a building which was still standing, but nothing game breaking that I experienced.

A minor issue I had was with the controls. While in general they were easy to get to grips with (pun intended), there were a few times when trying to punch the buildings, I accidental held on to the wall. I’m not sure that it’s the developers fault here, as with the limited buttons on the controller it’s the nature of the beast (this pun also intended). Also when picking things up a lot of the time they exploded as the game thought I was hitting them into the floor.

Another thing I noticed was that there was no health indicator other than the glow of red when you were being attacked by the annoying little guys with oversized guns. You can pick up health packs and eating those innocent little people also replenishes your health, but I didn’t know if I needed to munch on them or not!

Overall I enjoyed this game far more than I thought I would. Climbing building and jumping from rooftops is fun, as is throwing trees at attacking helicopters although it isn’t an easy game to play. My first run through had me sweating buckets as I raced to smash down buildings before becoming overpowered by the sheer amount of little people shooting at me.

It’s fun and will hold your attention for a while as you try to beat the levels. I suppose it’s now time to let my son have a go…


Title: Mighty Monster Mayhem
Cost: £6.59 (currently 40% off, full price is £10.99)

Please note I was very kindly given a review copy by the generous developer. However this has not affected my review in any way.


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