Please note I was very kindly given a review copy by the generous developer. However this has not affected my review in any way.

If you’re over a certain age, you would have played Missile Command back in the days when the graphics were simple and the gameplay was key. For those of you who have never known having to get up to change the channel on your TV, you’re probably not old enough to remember this gem of a game, where missiles rained down from above and you had to shoot them before they hit the ground. If you’ve never played the classic, it looked like this:

Classic Missile Command which was released in 1980 ... 36 years ago!

Classic Missile Command which was released in 1980 … 36 years ago!

Inbound, by Gyoza Games, was created in just two months by two very talented guys and has replicated the classic Missile Command in a beautiful VR environment. It has enhanced every aspect as you would expect, but in doing so has not lost the classic feel of the game.

When you begin the game you’re greeted with a choice of 4 environments, which are different colonies on asteroids which you’ve been charged with protecting. They’re all beautiful with a colourful art style and nicely detailed, with moving parts like small vehicles driving around your base. And the controls are intuitive, just point with your motion controllers and pull the triggers, which will fire your lasers and leave an explosion which will, if you’re any good, destroy the incoming missiles.


While the classic just had missiles coming at you from above, Inbound adds in some variety by having different attacks, missiles from afar, from mechs, drones and flying spacecrafts that you can also destroy with your lasers. There are also power-ups to grab, deployable landmines to lob and incoming mechs, as well as the time distortion power-up which you can use to slow down time when things get hectic, and they do get hectic, a lot.


The game is pretty difficult. It starts off at a nice pace to lure you into thinking your actually quite good, until the missiles start coming in faster and from different directions. There is so much going on, when you’re doing well it’s really satisfying, and when the missiles do start getting through your defenses and your base is destroyed, you’ll want to have another go to see if you can do better this time. It’s definitely one of those ‘just one more go’ types of games. If you’re after a challenge, this is the game for you!


The gameplay is great, the graphics and sound are top notch so it’s certainly a recommended game. My only real complaint is that there isn’t much depth to it. It’s perfect for a pick and and play game if you want a quick blast, but there isn’t really a sense of progression or a story to follow. I can’t really think of how a progression system would work in this type of game so it’s not a complained against the developers, but for me, it’s just a bit shallow to keep me engrossed for long periods.


If you love action and want a game that can be a challenge, that you can pick up and have a few quick rounds with then you’ll love this. Inbound polished and very fun, the development team have done a great job and they are listening to player feedback and adding improvements. I look forward to their future games. Inbound is this generations Missile Command.

Title: Inbound
Cost: £11.99

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