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Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Please note I was very kindly given a review copy by the generous developer. However this has not affected my review in any way.

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (H3 from now on) is a gun simulator, a very detailed and realistic gun simulator. So real that as I know nothing about guns, it took me 5 minutes holding the assault rifle before I worked out how to fire it! This isn’t a negative, it shows how realistic this game is.

When you fire up the game you’re in a blank space with buttons in front of you, each of which will take you to a different area within the game.


The different areas have different themes. The Warehouse and the Arizona Target Shooting are sandbox environments where you can do as you please with a selection of guns and explosives.


The two ranges, The Indoor Range and the Modular Range allow you to shoot targets and record your scores and compete in the leader boards.


Then there are two more arcadey type of areas. The first is Arcade Prototype #1 – This is a great min-game and not as ‘serious’. You have waves of enemies, or boxes, coming at you from all directions you have to shoot them before they get to you. You can have the more realistic ammo which you have to reload or have the unlimited golden magazines, for more of an ‘arcadey’ feel. It’s fast paced and you feel like you’re in an action film as you’re shooting two different targets at the same time, holding a pistol in each hand.


The second is Grenade Skeeball, which is one of my favorites, although I did almost smash my controllers into a table whilst trying to get some height on a grenade! You pull the pin and throw the grenade up a ramp trying to knock over as many blocks as possible. The more blocks you knock off the platform, the more points you get.


The best area however, in my opinion, is the Breach Exercise. You teleport around a building using the controller, while shooting static targets. These guys are made from MDF so won’t shoot you back, but you still find yourself peering round corners and getting good angles to take the headshot! It would be nice to have this kind of area where the targets shoot back, and I’m sure in the future this will happen.

The last area is the Gunnasium, which was added in the last few days. I didn’t work out at the time (but aim to try this after seeing a few videos), but it looks like you can grab the bars and grips to move around the arena, whilst shooting at the blue targets. A great new addition that shows the developers is always adding value to this great game.


I’ve never shot a real gun so I can’t make any sort of judgement on how it ‘feels’, but if I were to imagine how it would feel to fire a real gun, H3 pretty much nails it! From other reviews and opinions I’ve heard it’s as close to reality as it gets. Reloading using the Vive controllers can be a little bit fiddly, but when you slide the magazine into the gun and pull back the … bit on top of the gun … it’s very satisfying!

There are a range of weapon types, from pistols to uzis, shotguns to assault rifles with explosives ranging from grenades to dynamite that can be lit from a lighter or striking a match.

The only slight criticism I have is the lack of explanation or tutorials. This will no doubt come in time as this is still in development, however as like I said, I’ve no experience with guns so knowing how to load the ammo, pull back the thingy, taking the safety off, all this was discovered through trial and error (and my experience watching action movies).

If you’re a gun fan you will love H3 and it’s a must buy. If you, like me, know nothing about guns, you will still get a huge amount out of this game and it’s still a must buy!

The serious gun fans will appreciate the realism and time taken to develop such an in depth and realistic take on a shooting game. And those that just want to shoot stuff and blow shit up will also love the satisfying game mechanics and the more arcade like games. With the constant updates and improvements I’m really looking forward to seeing what new features are added next!


Title: Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
Cost: £14.99

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