Gumball Drift

Please note I was very kindly given a review copy by the generous developer. However this has not affected my review in any way.

Gumball Drift is a top down micro machines style racer which works really well in VR. It’s a seated experience where you drive your car around a racing track obtaining powerups along the way while collecting money to unlock the next. Gumball Drift doesn’t use the Vive controllers but using an Xbox controllers works well. It’s a great little driving game which is fun to play, however it does lack content and is a little rough around the edges.


I’ve set up the room scale area so I’m facing the wall to my left rather than my PC which works well for me, however when loading up Gumball Drift, sitting facing my screen, the game was projected to my left and I couldn’t see any options to reset the seated position. It’s not a huge problem, just swivel my chair and problem solved, but it was one of many little annoyances, mainly in the game menus, that would have made this a better overall experience.


You select your car and start a race. The gameplay is actually really good. After the first few laps you get the hang of the controls and it’s easy and good fun to play. You’ll soon be sliding round the corners, trying to get the best line to get the fastest lap. This side of the game is great and you’ll really enjoy the short races. However I felt the progression of the game was lacking.

There is a career mode but from my experience was very shallow. You basically race, get money for winning races as well as picking up money powerups, and you use that money to unlock the next track. You have to play a track a few times before you can afford to progress to the next, which can be a bit repetitive.

You can also unlock different cars so there is something to aim for, but I find once you’ve unlocked all the tracks, there isn’t much to pull you back in.


For an arcade racing game it does what it sets out to do, it’s fun to play and is entertaining. However the lack of depth will not keep you coming back after you’ve unlocked all the tracks, which really just requires repeating the previous track until you’ve got enough money to unlock it.

Speaking of money, the game costs £14.99, which is slightly too high in my opinion. I would recommended the game, but only if you can grab it in a sale.

Title: Gumball Drift
Cost: £14.99

Note: There is multiplayer however I’ve not tested this yet so cannot comment on how well it plays.

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