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Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja is now a classic, first released on touchscreen phones where you swipe the screen to slice the fruit before it hits the ground, no doubt you’ve played it in the past. Fruit Ninja VR brings that experience to life, I’ve never felt so much like a badass fruit destroying swordsman!


There are 4 modes to choose from;

  • Classic where you have 3 lives. You need to slice the fruit, any you miss will cause you to lose a life. If you accidentally slice through a bomb, it’s game over.
  • Arcade gives you 60 seconds to slice as much fruit as possible. Hitting a bomb takes away points and you can slice through special fruit based powerups to add time to the counter, slow down time and launch a mass of fruit for your swords to devour.
  • Zen mode gives you 60 seconds of peaceful fruit slashing. No bombs to worry about and you can increase the timer by slicing the glowing oranges.
  • Survival has wonderfully animated fruit-basket-copter-things flying around shooting fruit at you. You miss 3 of them and its game over.

The gameplay is excellent, with the accuracy of each slice feeling as though you’re really there, slicing through fruit in the colourful world that Halfbrick has created. You can even stab the fruit, impaling it on your sword until you swipe it off.


The only thing I’d like to see is multiple slashes of the fruit, so you can slice it into smaller pieces.

The graphics and sounds are spot on, with bright colours and a cartoony feel, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously and just oozes fun. The leaderboards and different game modes adds plenty of replayability, in fact along with Audioshield, this is one of the games I come back to most for a quick blast!


Overall this is an excellent VR game and is just pure fun and one of my most played games, when I can wrestle the controllers off my 4-year-old who totally loves it!

This is a simple, fun, polished and addictive game that is currently one of the best VR titles in the Steam catalog that’s not to be missed.

Title: Fruit Ninja VR
Cost: £10.99

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