Euro 2016 Final, VR Ping Pong & Final Approach

Last night was a good VR night for me. Watching the Euro 2016 final on TV the wife announced it was boring, she was right to be fair, so being the awesome husband I am I relinquished control of the TV … and took myself off to my office to watch the second half of the football in my VR home theatre using Virtual Desktop.

Virtual Desktop is an awesome bit of software which allows you to view your desktop in VR, which in itself is pretty good, text is a bit blurry round the edges and you realise that you can’t actually touch type, but it’s the other features that makes it. I’m not going into a full review here, but the feature I used is the ‘Home Theatre’ mode, where you can project whatever is on your desktop onto a massive screen in a theatre environment. In this case, I fired up BBC iPlayer in full screen and there it was, the match on a theatre screen!

Now obviously as it was streaming it lost some quality, and being that close it wasn’t as clear as on the TV, but it was huge, and size is everything, right? Well it was a good experience, if a little sweaty as I had the headset on for the 45 minutes, then extra time as the game dragged on. Congratulations Portgual, I wasn’t routing for you hey, suppose you deserved it.

After the football had finished and the wife had taken herself off to bed, I fired up a new purchase, Ping Pong VR. This was only around £3 on Steam and it’s brilliant for the price. I’ve not tried any other table tennis games so can’t compare, but after sucking for about 10 minutes I finally got the feel of it and played against the easy AI. It was so good we played up to 100 points, very, very addictive. I’ll post a review when I’ve spent some more time trying out the different modes.


One great features of Ping Pong VR is that there is a clock in the game. It’s a small feature but one I really appreciate as I always lose track of time when I’m in the Vive! So now it’s around 11:30pm and I should be getting some sleep but nope, I needed to play more Final Approach!


This is currently one of my favorite games. I’ll post a review soon (if I can stop playing it!) but I just wanted to mention how good this game really is. Despite it being 11:30pm I still managed to play through 3 levels and wanted to carry on. The game is just brilliant, the world looks like a model in your room, you crouch down and view every building, plane, car and even people, it’s all so detailed, it’s amazing!

After a while enjoying the brilliant Final Approach, I did what I always do when coming to the end of a VR session, I fired up Audio Shield, played through 2 songs then reluctantly closed SteamVR!


For those that think VR is just a novelty or a fad, it certainly isn’t for me. I play it whenever I can and always leave wanting more. This was a decent VR night for me and I look forward to the next, who needs sleep anyway?!

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