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Eleven: Table Tennis VR – a quick update

In September last year I posted my thoughts on Pong Waves VR and I said it was really very good. Well, it has evolved a bit since then and it’s now called ‘Eleven: Table Tennis VR‘ and after just spending some time on it I thought I’d post a quick update while my face cools down, it’s a bit warm playing VR in this heat!

So what’s changed other than the name? Well the biggest change is the AI. It is scarily realistic now with amazing animation and movement. If you didn’t know better you could mistake it for a real person playing against you. I used to be able to beat it on the highest difficulty, but that’s all changed now with the improved AI it’s a real challenge! There are also a load more mini games to help you hone your skills.

The developers are working on porting it to PSVR so the updates to the PC version has been a little slower than they planned but they are close to releasing a new playing environment apparently, so they are still working on it which is great. Although, I don’t really think that’s necessary as the current ‘studio’ is brilliant. I just watched a replay of a game that ended with me just beating the AI after a long tie-break, and it was amazing just moving around the studio and viewing the match from different positions, it’s just all so realistic.

I’ve played plenty of Table Tennis games on VR as it is the ideal platform for it, but this is by far my favourite. And so far, no other game has matched the realism and satisfaction you get from a decent match!


Title: Eleven: Table Tennis VR
Cost: £6.99

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