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Cosmic Trip

Please note I was very kindly given a review copy by the generous developer. However this has not affected my review in any way.

Cosmic Trip, by Funktronic Labs is, at it’s heart a tower defense game, but boy is it more than that!


The basic premise is that you are on an alien planet where you have to produce little cute robots to mine resources, which will allow you to build more little cute robots to shoot cute lasers of death at the invading aliens. Yes, you’re on their planet but let’s not get caught up in details here, they were coming straight at me!


You can also try to obliterate them manually by changing your controllers into disc hurlers, which you can then fling at the advancing alien hordes, which you may need to do early on before you’ve created your own robot army.

It’s not just the robots that are amazingly cute, everything you do and build has a charm to it, from the way the robots pop out of the robot making machines, to the way you load the batteries into your turrets and even down to the way the menus work, it’s all just got a polish to it that makes everything you do in the game a pleasure. But talking of cuteness, nothing is cuter than your little robot friend, who guides you on your adventure and helpfully informs you when the next wave of aliens is about to appear.


Give him a wave!

As mentioned, this is a tower defense game. You stand within a small area and you can build all around you. Currently you can only build 3 structures, a machine to build the robots, a refinery for the resources you mine and a manually operated turret. Other items you can build are 2 robots, a mining one and a turret one and also batteries to power everything. However the build menus have plenty of empty squares, all with the promising ‘coming soon’ text. Remember, this is still in early alpha and it looks like there is so much more to come!


The areas have a portal, some more than one, which you can activate to move to another area across the map. Some areas have resources where you can set up a little mining operation by building a robot making machine, then building some mining robots which will then mine for you. They then bring the resources back to you, or a refinery, which then turns it into currency that you can spend on other robots or machines.


Your robots pals will mine all the things!

To build some items, such as the batteries, you’ll need a green resource that can only be obtained by killing the aliens, which helps balance the game well.

As mentioned, this game is in early alpha, and there isn’t a huge amount of content yet. You’ll soon have each area well defended and have blue crystals filling up your refineries and little harvesting robots dropping excess crystals at your feet, the cute little guys! That said, for an early alpha game, it’s got more polish than many triple-A games, it’s just a beautiful creation and I couldn’t help smiling for the few hours I’ve played it. And the developers look top notch, they’ve done a great job so far and I really can’t wait to see how this game evolves with more game modes, more things to build and more cuteness!


The game has an amazing feel to it, the music and sounds are perfect and everything you do is a joy. They’ve really nailed the ‘groovy’ feel they were going for! The game holds so much promise for an early alpha release, it’s a little thin on content at the moment, and my game juddered a few times when there was a lot going on, but the polish and fun of this game makes it a definite must buy even at this stage, and I really look forward to play through it again after each update.

Title: Cosmic Trip
Cost: £10.99 (Currently £9.89 with 10% off)

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