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Beer and Skittls VR

Beer and Skittls VR, by Black Poodle Entertainment, is a really fun and oddly addictive little game where you have to knock over beer bottles that are worth different points to reach a score of 100 with as few throws as possible.

That sounds easy right? Well, the twist is that if you get over 100 points your score is halved and you then continue until you get bang on 100 points. This makes it really challenging, and frustrating at the same time!

The game itself looks great. Set in a posh wine bar type pub that has overdone it with the wood, the graphics are polished and crisp.

The game play is really good too with the throwing of the bottles feeling natural and easy to do but hard to master. You can just ding the bottle at those on the floor and you may get lucky, but to really master your game you have to not only think about the power of the throw and your aim, but you need to think about the spin of the bottle and angle of it when it hits to get the exact scores you need to get that elusive 100 points.

Unfortunately the game doesn’t seem to be getting the sales it deserves which is evident as with my lacking beer bottle throwing skills, I managed to top the score table!

There are different modes to play. The classic pin type setup where the different bottles are in a triangle and you have to knock them over until you reach 100. A nice touch is that when you knock over the bottles over they respawn in the place they ended up, meaning it’s different each time you play.

Other modes include different points on the bottles, all worth 1 point for example. (I assume green bottles being worth a single point is relating to the ‘100 green bottles sitting on the wall’ rhyme, or it could just be a coincidence..!). Another fun mode was where you have to throw your beer bottle over a wall to hit the target bottles on the other side. These are minor changes to the core game, but it helps keep things a bit different.

There are a few issues with the game however, such as when a bottle lands at an angle or leaning up against another sometimes it takes a while for it to reset ready for your next throw, and in a few situations it didn’t reset at all and I had to restart the game. Also when this happened the sound of the bottle smashing lasted for a good few seconds and was really loud and when that happened it scared the crap out of me! These are minor bugs but are a bit annoying. However it’s a single developer creating this and for the price, it feels rude to complain!


Beer and Skittls VR is a great little game that is really satisfying to play. It gives you that feeling of wanting to play again to beat your last score, or even try to top the leaderboards. The different game modes increases its longevity and for its price, which is less than a real beer, it’s easy for me to recommend this one!

Title: Crashimals
Cost: £0.67 (60% off sale, usually it is still only £1.69!)

Please note I was very kindly given a review copy by the generous developer via my Curator channel on Steam. However this has not affected my review in any way.