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Audioshield is similar to Rock Band or Guitar Hero, where you ‘hit’ the prompts in time with the beats of the music. However instead of using plastic guitars or drums, in Audioshield you’re using shields that you’re actually holding, while you’re in a virtual arena, and my god is it awesome!


I know, so far all my reviews of games have been “wow, it’s amazing” and “you won’t believe how good this is” but this is VR, it’s new and every time you try something new whilst wearing the headset it genuinely is a magical experience (so far!). But the beauty of Audioshield is in it’s simplicity. You have 2 shields, a red one and a blue one, the red shield has to hit the red orbs, the blue one has to hit the blue orbs. You occasionally get purple orbs and then you need to put your shields together to form a purple shield. That’s it. That’s all there is too it. It’s that simplicity, the ability to pick it up and play without having to learn anything. It’s VR so it’s natural, you already know how to move your hands, the controls to the game is just moving your hands around like a lunatic bashing away at the orbs that only you can see.


You obviously get points the more orbs you hit, but you also get points for being ‘artistic’, which I think is when you move the controllers around more than just hitting the orbs. I assume dancing whilst playing gets this score up, needless to say my artistic scores are usually quite low…

The icing on the cake is the ability to play using any of your own songs on your hard drive. Fire up any song from your personal collection and you can play it in Audioshield. That in itself is brilliant, but there are also leaderboards for each song. Weirdly I was the only one with a score registered for ‘Exit Wound’ by the ‘Human Waste Project’.

As of writing, Audioshield is the game I’m playing most, with that ‘one more go’ urge that keeps me up until the early hours. It’s so simple to play, yet a real challenge on the harder difficulties. If I had to describe the game in one word, it would be ‘satisfying’. In two words, ‘immensely satisfying’.

There isn’t a whole lot of depth to it due to it’s simple gameplay structure, but if you’re looking for a VR experience that is stupidly fun and you can jump into for an hour or just pick up for 5 minutes for a quick dose of satisfying orb smashing, then this is the game for you.


Title: Audioshield
Cost: £14.99 (worth every penny!)

All images are borrowed from the Steam pages for Audioshield

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