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Aeon by Illusion Ranger is a polished first person wave shooter in which you can slow time to inflict damage with your guns & swords,  and my god is it good!

In Aeon you are already dead and you’re seeking vengeance via the body of a robot. I think that’s the plot, but to be honest, the story isn’t what’s important here, what matters is that this game is frantic, fast and very, very fun!

The first thing that I noticed is that you have arms! I know it’s been done before, but for me, this is my first experience with VR arms and I loved it as it really adds to the immersion. You also have legs, although you obviously can’t really control those but it’s a nice touch to see your full (robot) body rather than a dismembered pair of hands.

In Aeon you stand in a small area where you can freely move within a smallish circle while waves of varying enemies come at you. You’re free to move within this circle using the track pad to dodge and get better positions to attack from. After you’ve completed a wave, you can teleport to a new location, sometimes you can chose your next area. It doesn’t changes the game much, but it’s a nice touch.

You start the game with the pistols, which are done really well with decent animation. Reloading is done by holding the guns next to your legs and pulling the trigger. This is a pure arcade game so no worrying about running out of ammo. After a few levels you are introduced to the swords. Don’t make the mistake I made, dual wielding swords is cool, but you’ll never be able to attack those enemies shooting at you from outside your play area so always have a gun and sword together. While the swords are really good as slicing enemies, and they do actually slice where you hit them which again is a nice touch, the swords primary use, for me anyway, is to deflect bullets while in bullet time, which is just awesome!

Bullet time is activated by holding the Vive grip buttons (although can be set to a toggle) and as you have unlimited bullet time you’re pretty much using it all the time, because without it you’re going to die. Plus using it while blocking bullets with your sword is just cool!

The game has end of level bosses which require a little bit of thought, and you’ll die many, many times, but as you basically just spawn from the start of your last zone it’s not much of a chore, which again makes this a great arcade blaster!

There is also multiplayer which I can imagine would be fun, although being a grumpy old man with no friends with VR, I’ve not tried this and I don’t know how the bullet time would be implemented, if it has at all.



Aeon does a great job as a fast paced, fun wave shooter that makes you feel pretty awesome as you slow time to shoot robots in the face while blocking bullets and slicing enemies with your swords. It may be a little expensive compared to the majority of VR games out there but it’s totally worth it!

Title: Aeon
Cost: £18.99 

Please note I was very kindly given a review copy by the generous developer via my Curator channel on Steam. However this has not affected my review in any way.